The phrase 'Digital Transformation' encircled by icons representing various cutting-edge technologies, symbolizing the broad scope and impact of digital transformation in today's world.
Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

As we race toward a digital future, enterprises and large organizations depend on the reliable foundation of fiber optic network infrastructure to complete their transformations.

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Companies are making long-term strategic investments in technologies critical to an ever-more digital world. According to a recent McKinsey survey, COVID-19 has accelerated digitization by three to four years. Moreover, the number of digital or digitally enabled products is already seven years ahead of predictions. Technology is no longer about cost efficiency but rather an essential component of the business. 

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Due to the pandemic, consumers have drifted en masse to online channels prompting companies and industries to shift to predominantly digital customer interactions. This accelerated transformation has enterprises innovating new ways to use technology to increase efficiency and productivity and better serve their customers.

The backbone support for this deluge of innovation? Fiber optic networks.

Fiber optic networks are the foundation that enables the digital future. Fiber increases bandwidth, stability, latency, and reliability compared to copper cables, allowing businesses and customers to depend more on them. Fiber allows the effortless streaming of 4K video, AR/VR, IoT, and smart services. Increased reliance on cloud-based solutions at home and work relies on consistently fast upload and download speeds only fiber offers. Organizations require the capacity and bandwidth of fiber network infrastructure for their data-driven digital transformations.

According to the IDC, only 8.4% of businesses have fully undergone digital transformation. Enterprises can leverage fiber optic networks to accelerate their transformation in pursuing competitive differentiation. Enterprises can deliver the real-time processing and insights needed for transformation activities by minimizing latency and maximizing bandwidth and scalability. 

One of the most significant reasons digital transformation fails is that businesses don’t have a global approach. It takes an experienced partner to help break down those silos and resistances within the organization. Strategic partnerships with trusted providers and companies with proven expertise in delivering transformations are the most reliable way organizations can maximize return on investment. 

The scalable foundation of a fiber optic network provides the intelligence for digital economies and empowers enterprises to succeed in this digital future. 

Phonoscope Fiber is the provider that has earned the trust of thousands of businesses, and we are ready to earn yours. We provide innovative network solutions, customized and scalable, to keep your business connected. We have an expansive dark fiber network footprint backed by award-winning, white-glove customer service.

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