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Embrace the Gigabit Lifestyle

Keep the whole family connected with gigabit upload and download speeds perfect for working, streaming, gaming, and video calls.

Smart Home
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Gigabit uploads and downloads

See the difference fast uploads make with clearer video chats, online classes, lightening fast saves to the cloud, and more.

Connect every device in the home

From your smart speaker to your smart lights, fiber can handle every device on your network with speed to spare.

Family embracing the Gigabit Lifestyle

Elevate your home entertainment and communication by adding a FiberTV package for a truly immersive experience.

Add FiberTV for
57 channels
Includes local channels
50 hours of cloud DVR
Up to 5 simultaneous streams
Add FiberTV for
120 channels
Includes local channels
Cable news, entertainment, and sports
50 hours of cloud DVR
Up to 5 simultaneous streams
Add FiberTV for
230 channels
Includes local channels
Complete sports experience
Stingray music channels
50 hours cloud DVR
Up to 5 simultaneous streams
**All packages will be assessed a $9.99 broadcast fee not included in promotional pricing.
**A Broadcast TV Fee is an itemized charge that you'll see on your bill.  This charge has become necessary due to increased costs of local broadcast stations, KPRC, KTXH, KRIV, KHOU, KTBU, KTMD, KXLN, which are among the most expensive components of our programming costs and with whom we have to negotiate yearly their continuous increased costs. The Broadcast TV Fee is not included as a part of our promotional pricing or pricing under the term agreement.
Channel Lineup

Whether you're a sports fan, movie buff, or just looking for some quality entertainment, Phonoscope FiberTV has you covered. Browse our channel lineup and start enjoying your favorite shows today!