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Start the Year with a Secure and Efficient Network: Your Essential Checklist

Kick off the new year with a fortified and efficient network. Our quick checklist provides easy-to-follow steps to ensure your network's security and performance are top-notch. From password updates to firmware upgrades, we've got you covered with practical advice and recommendations. Start the year strong and stay ahead of the game with Phonoscope Fiber's essential tips.

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  1. Update Your Passwords: Begin the new year by changing passwords across your critical accounts. Use complex passwords and consider a password manager to keep track of them. For business networks, enforce a company-wide password update.
  2. Firmware Refresh: Ensure all your network devices are running the latest firmware. These updates often contain vital security enhancements and bug fixes that keep your network running smoothly.
  3. Data Backup Review: Confirm that your data backup systems are functioning correctly. Regular backups protect against data loss from hardware failures, cyber-attacks, or other disasters. Opt for a reliable cloud backup service as part of your strategy.
  4. Wi-Fi Network Audit: Examine your Wi-Fi network's performance. If there are dead zones or areas with weak signals, consider investing in a mesh network system for seamless coverage across the office.
  5. Security Software Update: Check that your antivirus and anti-malware software is current. These should be set to update automatically, but a manual check ensures you're getting all the new threat definitions.
  6. Internet Speed Test: Run a speed test to ensure you're getting the bandwidth you're paying for, especially if you've moved to remote work setups. If speeds are consistently low, contact a Phonoscope Fiber Solutions Engineer today—it may be time to upgrade to a dedicated fiber connection. Run speed test here.
  7. VPN Validation: If you use a VPN for secure remote access, make sure it's functioning correctly and that all employees know how to use it properly. A robust VPN is crucial for protecting data in transit.

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