The Cost of Slow Internet

Is slow internet costing your business money? A recent study from OnePoll found that employees lose 44 minutes every week on average due to poor broadband speeds and connectivity. With just ten employees, that's over 7 hours lost per week. You're losing almost a day's worth of productivity each week!
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We're all familiar with the bad-driver-on-the-morning-commute level of frustration that accompanies a slow or broken internet connection. A recent study from OnePoll found that, on average, employees lose 44 minutes weekly due to poor broadband speeds and connectivity. With just ten employees, that's over 7 hours lost per week. You're losing almost a day's worth of productivity each week!
Small businesses increasingly depend on popular cloud-based solutions, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, and more. Effectively utilizing these powerful tools demands reliably fast download and upload speeds. Keep in mind that all the data you download and edit needs to be uploaded to save and access across your devices. Collaboration with coworkers requires near-instant updates to be helpful. Many don't realize that cloud services, like Dropbox, intentionally throttle their upload speeds. They know that uploading and downloading files requires a bunch of bandwidth. You can turn off throttling in settings, but without the equal, fast upload and download speeds of a fiber connection, just a couple of employees working in the cloud will bring your workflows to a crawl.

Upload and download speeds are equally important when it comes to internet communications. Low speed or unreliable connections cause voice and video data to lag on VoIP and video conferencing systems. It's much harder to close the deal when your voice keeps cutting out, or your video starts to look like Minecraft.
An often overlooked area where upload speeds matter for businesses has become extremely important in today's post-pandemic world. While working remotely, any employee who needs to access company data via VPN will rely on your company's internet upload speed. Just as important as the download speed at the remote location, the company's server must upload the data to the employee's device.
Slow, unreliable network connections cost time, money, and your business's reputation. Timely responses and efficient service are foundational to retaining and growing your business. Today's customer feels underappreciated when service is slow, sites don't load, or information isn't readily available. Point-of-sale systems and eCommerce can't afford network issues when the competition is only a click away.

Phonoscope Fiber offers reliable business internet with symmetrical upload and download speeds. For large companies requiring unlimited bandwidth and flexibility of private fiber, we have dark fiber available for fully-customizable, scalable private network infrastructure solutions.

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