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Welcome to Phonoscope Fiber!

We're here to guide you step by step in setting up your Phonoscope Fiber Gateway. Get ready to connect!

Begin Outlet Check
Find the Bedroom Coaxial Outlet

Locate the primary coaxial outlet in your bedroom, not the living room. This outlet is essential for setup. We'll test its activity in the next steps.

Proceed to Power Setup
Connect the Gateway

Connect the Gateway: Use the provided cable to link the Gateway's "Cable In" to the bedroom coaxial outlet.
Power Up: Connect the power cord from the Gateway's "DC 12V" input to a wall outlet.

Continue to LED Check
LED Indicators

Wait 30 to 60 seconds. The "PWR" and the "COAX" LED light should turn solid green.

If, after 2 minutes, you don't see a solid green "COAX" light, try connecting the device to different coaxial wall outlet.

Head to WiFi Instructions
Connecting to the Web

Connect with Ethernet plugged into the LAN1 port.

To use WiFi, you need to purchase a router.
Phonoscope Fiber delivers a top-speed connection, but a router isn't included.
Need a Router Recommendation?
Visit our Router Recommendations page.

Next, Optional Wall Mount
(Optional) Mount the Gateway

Want a tidier setup? Mount the Gateway!
1. Position the mount 6-8 inches from the coaxial and power outlets.
2. Mark the mount position.
3. Use a screwdriver to set the plastic anchors.
4. Attach the mount with screws, connectors up.
5. Place the Gateway on the mount.
*Note: Make sure the outlet works before final placement.

Finish Setup
Icon indicating approval
Setup Complete!

🎉 Congratulations!
Your Phonoscope Fiber Gateway is now set up.
Should you need any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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