Blue fiber-optic lines of light, representing the concept of dark fiber, unused fiber-optic cables that can be leased for network expansion.
Digital Transformation

Dark Fiber

As enterprises migrate to the cloud, they require access to applications from several data centers in different locations. They need connections that are blazingly fast and uncongested. The public internet is simply inadequate for corporations' and large organizations' specific, intensive needs.

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As enterprises and large organizations migrate to the cloud, access to applications across multiple data centers in different locations has become critical. They need connections that are blazingly fast and uncongested. Public internet is simply inadequate for these specific, intensive needs. Dedicated dark fiber connections, such as those provided by Phonoscope Fiber, offer the performance and security necessary to run critical applications in the cloud. Extremely future-proof with its virtually unlimited scalability, dark fiber benefits businesses with large, often sensitive, data requirements of industries such as healthcare, finance, and oil & gas.

What is Dark Fiber? Dark fiber, or unlit fiber, is unused optical fiber already installed. It's known as "dark," when it transmits no light pulses. Advances in data packaging, and preventative overestimation during installation, resulted in unused extraneous space on some fiber optic networks. Network providers lease out this dark fiber to create different types of networks, such as point-to-point and point-to-multipoint. Dark fiber networks are separate from the internet, and the client controls them rather than the network provider.
Illustration of servers from a Houston data center

The development of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) improved the capabilities of dark fiber exponentially. DWDM allows the transmission of many different data signals simultaneously through the same optical fiber. Each transmission is on a different wavelength to separate the data, allowing for significant bandwidth and capacity increases. Additionally, a single optical cable can be turned into multiple virtual fibers. These tremendous technological advances result in robust and secure high-performance networks with insanely fast internet speeds.
Dark fiber provides a robust and reliable solution for organizations with the in-house expertise and resources to manage, operate, and monitor their private network. Private networks connecting corporate data centers, multiple locations, and cloud services provide the ideal solution for many enterprises. Dark fiber connectivity between data centers has proven essential to digital transformation. Dark fiber providers can partner with data centers that offer colocation services to provide enterprises with scalable network solutions. Independently operating a dark fiber network requires purchasing and deploying one's transmission equipment, giving complete control over the network's latency. Since these networks are owned and run exclusively by one's own company, it is possible to maintain a high level of security with no outsiders able to monitor or record transmitted data.
Running a dark fiber network requires immediate losses of time, money, and resources to set up the network infrastructure. Maintenance and repairs can also be inconvenient and costly if the in-house technicians lack the necessary expertise to resolve every dark fiber issue they may encounter. However, dark fiber facilitates digital transformations for businesses and large organizations by giving them sufficient bandwidth and network control.

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